Mighty Planes T38 Talon Aired on Discovery Today

The Mighty Planes episode I directed for Exploration Productions aired on Discovery Channel today.

Here’s a link to the episode.


Here’s a link to the promo page for the episode.


BOQ Scout # 2

Scoping out the Bay of Quinte Region for a few amazing locations we can use for the commercial spot promoting the area.

2015-01-19 10.14.17_WM 2015-01-19 10.14.48_WM 2015-01-19 10.15.31_WM 2015-01-19 10.15.42_WM

Work With What Ye Got

The airlines left a bunch of our bags in Montreal, one that included the sound guy’s boom pole. Did that stop intrepid sound man Scott Bell? Nope. He Macgiverd one up outta a broom handle and duct tape. The show must go on. I know, right?

2015-01-12 15.02.04MP3-ValD'or_02


Heading To Val D’or Quebec To Direct a Segment of Mighty Planes 03


Only a week and half into the new year and I’m off to the sunny beaches of Northern Quebec…no wait…I mean cruel sub zero tempertures of Northern Quebec 😉

It’s all good though we have a very cool story to tell about an airplane that makes super important trips to a top secret place in the north – but I never told you that.







Directing Mighty Planes in Northern Quebec

Looks like I’m Directing a few segments for a new episode of MIGHTY PLANES for Discovery Channel Canada.

My New Ride

Oh ya,

Just scoping’ out my new ride, a T-38 Super Sonic Jet here at the Sheppard’s Air Force Base in Texas.

2014-11-07 15.28.23 (2)_HDR_WM

Mighty Planes T-38 Scout

Scouting the Shepard’s Airforce Base for my upcoming shoot for Discovery’s Mighty Planes.


MM2_7545 (1)_HDR_WM