Directing TV Commercial for Bay of Quinte Region

I have the opportunity to work with an child hood buddy on a sweet creative he’s done for the Bay of Quinte Region. Aiming to shoot in January 2015 and the spot will begin to air in the Toronto area February.

My New Ride

Oh ya,

Just scoping’ out my new ride, a T-38 Super Sonic Jet here at the Sheppard’s Air Force Base in Texas.

2014-11-07 15.28.23 (2)_HDR_WM

This Is What I Gotta Work With

This is Frank.

Frank is temperamental.

Sometimes Frank don’t like his picture taken.

Don’t you wish you had a Frank like this in your life?

We all need a Frank.

2014-11-07 15.24.39_WM

It’s Bigger n’ Texas!

Taking off from Toronto to Dallas then heading to Wichita Falls TX to film the new episode of MIGHTY PLANES about the mighty T-38 supersonic pilot trainer jet.


2014-11-02 14.17.37_WM

Mighty Planes T-38 Scout

Scouting the Shepard’s Airforce Base for my upcoming shoot for Discovery’s Mighty Planes.


MM2_7545 (1)_HDR_WM






















Traveling To Hawaii to Shoot & Direct new series for OLN / Cineflix

Directing and Shooting the new series about Offshore Fishing Vessels working out of Honolulu.

Editing New MMA Series for Super Channel


Getting with work with killer filmmaker Mark Johnston on a new MMA Series shot in Brazil and Canada.

Fight XChange follows 3 Canadian fighters who head to Brazil to train and fight, then 3 Brazilians come to Canada to train and fight. Should be a high dram, high action docu series. Look out for it on Superchannel later in 2013

Directing Three Commercials

Directing 3 Commercials this week with Zombies, an Alien and a Giant Shitting Bird. Should be fun.

Surfing at Waikiki Beach

2nd day in Hawaii, thought I’d hit the surf before officially begining to film the TV Show.

Enjoying some down time with Amelie

On a lake outside Brockville, Ontario.